Sustainability of Glass Chair Mats

As a culture, we are moving away from unsustainable practices. More people recycle, use alternative energy, grow their own food, compost, or find some other way to live more lightly on the earth, than ever before. While it is not perfect—obviously—it points to a better, cleaner future. Each person’s decision to adopt this sustainable practice or that one, even if it is just the single practice, builds upon the next person’s decision to do the same, until it is no longer a struggle at all to change (think of how many vegetarian restaurants there are now). Which is why I want to talk about one more way to practice sustainable living without being totally free of all materialistic pursuits.

Let’s be realistic: most people live and work in the fairly materialistic mainstream culture. We’re not ready to give up our houses and cars and many possessions just yet, and even if you are, it should not be expected to be that way. So, all right, the choice is not ‘buy a new chair’ or ‘do not buy a new chair, instead grow a small grove of trees to harvest in fifteen years’ time and build your own set of chairs from scratch’. The choice is ‘buy new chair that will break in three years and have to be replaced’ or ‘buy new chair that will last a lifetime/can be easily fixed’. A much more reasonable decision to make, although it may still cause people guilt over buying anything at all.

Here is the issue I want to discuss: chair mats. Plastic chair mats warp, or crack, or don’t work well at all (as in the case of on hard floors such as wood or linoleum), or get thrown away every time you move because they’re just so frustrating and unwieldy. Not very sustainable, wouldn’t you agree? Instead, consider the glass chair mat movement. Glass chair mats will never warp—they’re glass—and are tempered much like bullet-proof glass to not break under most kind of pressure. They are scratch-resistant, staying clear and clean long after a plastic chair mat would have given up the fight to stay aesthetically pleasing. A home glass chair mat is suitable and easy to use on any kind of surface; indeed, they are actually enhance and showcase the floor of your home beneath quite well. Your hardwood floors will now be both protected and clearly visible—likewise to tile or linoleum or any other hard surface.

A glass chair mat will potentially last for an entire lifetime; they can be custom ordered to fit whatever size and shape you need, from smaller than traditional plastic floor mats to spanning multiple workstations. Stop filling up landfills with your unwanted plastic floor mats; make the switch to one or many glass chair mats and make your own contribution to the sustainability movement. Who knows, maybe you’ll take further steps to start a small herb garden or compost next—the sky is the limit, and even the smallest of things make a difference.

Our office made the switch to glass chair mats

glass chair mats

The new year has brought our office some much needed updates to the carpeting, furniture and lighting. I don’t know if this move was a deliberate attempt to increase productivity and morale in the office or not but I think it’s working to help everyone feel better about their surroundings. We are one of the largest print media firms in the city and our attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on, it’s also one of our major selling points to clients. Attention to detail means you don’t let printing errors slide past your editors and it also means you find small ways to save your clients money and that can add up big. It also means adding the little things around the office to compliment the new furniture and carpeting. The other day when we came back to our office after the remodel I noticed that they had replaced our old plastic chair mats with glass ones from Vitrazza.

If you don’t work at a desk and you’ve never dealt with a plastic chair mat then this won’t mean much to you. However those of us who sit behind a desk all day notice small changes and improvements on a magnified scale. Change the color of my organizer and I will probably notice it before I sit down, rearrange my desk even slightly and I’ll have to spend the morning getting everything just the way I like it, if you change the very thing I stand and sit on every day I am bound to notice.

What I noticed first about the glass chair mat in my cubicle was how well constructed it looks. It isn’t like you are sitting on a window pane that somebody had extras of. The edges of the chair mat are beveled and you can absolutely tell that it’s given purpose was to sit under a rolling desk chair. It’s incredible the increase in support I feel as I sit on it. Since the glass doesn’t sag or indent like the plastic does you really notice the difference in your posture and the way you carry yourself. Besides having a nice design touch to them and being highly functional, these glass chair mats can also be custom fitted to your needs. Our boss had three main varieties shipped to the office based on the standard layouts of the cubicles. Each of us was able to position the mat just the way we want it and I was even able to peel back the plastic they put on brand new items (I love doing that!).

So if you’re office manager is looking for ways to spruce up the place AND get some much needed appreciation and productivity out of his/her employees, tell them about Vitrazza’s office chair mats and how they are a real game changer. You’ll love the way you can glide effortlessly on these chair mats, plus, the thick glass and durable construction means you won’t ever have to worry about them chipping or cracking.

The Benefits Of Using Glass Mats In Offices

glass chair matsGlass mats are becoming a popular trend in business due to their many advantages. Some of the top benefits of investing in these products throughout your office or business space include:

Preserving Beauty – many office furniture are beautiful, yet expensive. To preserve their beauty from the daily wear and tear, as well as spills from coffee, juices and water on wooden products for instance, a glass mat can be applied over the most commonly used areas. Should any spills occur, this can be wiped off without any cause for concern of damage to the wood. Also, wooden surfaces as well as other common office materials like vinyl and composites tend to scratch easily. A non-scratch glass mat can eliminate these issues altogether.

Cost Savings – as seen above, a glass mat placed over or under furniture can reduce the need to replace equipment and high priced items like furniture in the office.

Invisible Shield – one of the bonuses with this type of ergonomic shield compared to other materials like leather is that it’s invisible or clear, so they don’t affect the overall design scheme or aesthetics of a business. Many high label designers and firms will furthermore utilize these props in their packages.

Durability – Office glass chair mats are furthermore built so that they’re unbreakable even with heavy impact. For business owners who may be concerned about worker’s compensation and insurance, these are even recommended by many insurance providers and occupational safety experts in many work related settings. This touches on the next topic:

They Minimize Accidents – in settings like restaurants where slips and falls may be present from wet or oily surfaces. Restaurateurs should however check the best material for the job. In many tests however, it’s proven that glasses or serveware that fall on these impact resistant surfaces tend to break less due to the composition of the material.

Other work environments like banking and nursing where employees are required to spend long hours on their feet in the same area may benefit from these glass mats, which are popularly placed under chairs. They help relieve the strain of concrete surfaces. Many users report feeling relief or less back pain when these mats have been implemented. As such many employers and business owners may turn to these products to not only provide better working conditions for employees, but to improve productivity in general as well.

The price of these products are relatively affordable. In addition, some companies have managed to patent their products with specific features such as anti-fatigue or anti breakage for instance. One in demand feature is a durable mat that won’t break or discolor with daily use.

As many are already aware, well-used glass products can become cloudy over time. When making this investment, most buyers will want to buy a product that will remain crystal clear for years to come. Glass mats can be furthermore customized to be cut and cornered by length and width. Depending on the location of the business, field representatives may be able to take an in-office trip to take accurate measurements on the company’s behalf.

Look for the right company to buy chair mats from

Glass Chair MatWhen looking for an online business for products I am looking to buy, I research as much as I can about the companies I am about to deal with. I want to be assured that they have a high standard of practice in many areas. The most important things I am trying to determine are the quality of the product they offer and especially the quality of customer service that they render. Quality of product is important because I want to know how much mileage I am getting out of something I am spending my money on. It’s no good if a product such as a chair mat is not going to last for more than a month or two before it becomes damaged and un-useable, I’d rather have a product that will last a long time without need for replacement.

Customer service is also important to me because I need to know that the people I am buying from have their customers satisfaction at the front of their mind. If a company doesn’t have this motto, it is likely that they don’t care what my experience is and won’t go the extra mile to make sure I am satisfied. So when I am at home doing some online shopping while rolling my chair around on my home glass chair mats , I make sure I really get to know the companies I am about to spend money on. I’ve been burned too many times in the past and I’d like to avoid that in the future.

I can’t believe the difference this glass chair mat makes!

glass chair mats

I’m back at the office for the first time since my lower back surgery and it feels so great to have my life feel normal again. Of course I have had to make some changes in my daily routine to keep my pain levels down, but I’ve always been easy to adapt to new challenges. For one thing, the steps leading up to my front door had to be taken down and replaced with steps that were smaller. It’s hard for me to push off with my left leg and I don’t have much lower body strength these days either. At the office I am sure to keep my back straight and to sit up in my chair. Another nifty little feature I’ve invested in is a glass chair mat, seen in the picture above. This beauty allows me to move more easily within my office and not having to struggle against plastic that is digging into carpeting. I called Vitrazza and we went through the options available. I gave them the dimensions for the office space in which I work and they informed me that they can make custom chair mats to fit your space. The glass is thick and rounded along the corners to make an attractive appearance. Now when I get a phone call I can turn and swivel easily to grab a phone off another desk without having to push off too hard and struggle. Also, when I want to move offices I can take this chair mat with me and clean it regularly.